Most frequent questions and answers about LightsandGifts

LightsandGifts has been providing trendy products with good quality and affordable prices for over 10 years, we’re still trying our best to get us onto another higher level in order to keep supplying the best products to millions of our valued customers all over the world.
Just try a small amount of order to experience our super service and premium quality product. You won’t lose much!

LightsandGifts is an international company with China abundant products sourcing gene, that’s why you can enjoy the most popular/hottest products with the cheapest prices in the market, don’t miss a thing, subscribe us from our Homepage and start to have wonderful shopping experience with us.

No, actually you don’t need to. However, you’d better register so you can receive our promo codes and even free give-aways easily. New products also will be notified to registered member of LightsandGifts.

We handle tons of orders everyday, though most of the products are in stock at our global warehouses, it takes time to do quality checking before shipping, careful packing, choosing best option of shipping method and etc…, please allow 3-5 business days to ship out your order.

It really depends on the shipping method you choose when you place the order and also the destination address, please check more detail info. in LightsandGifts Shipping Guide.

Yes, that’s what we encourage you to do if you have this kind of demand. You can enjoy considerable profit from the cheap prices from all items. Just focus on your promoting and let us fulfill for you without worrying anything. Check more about Drop Shipping.

Definitely YES! Especially if you’re an influencer on platforms like Tiktok, Youtbue, Facebook, Instagram, you have traffic and fans who will potentially purchase whatever you recommend to them, you can ask us to upload the product listing(s), all sales will get you a 30% maximum of the total profit, check more info. about our Affiliate Program.

No matter which carrier will ship your order, you can always track here at a all-in-one place to track the status of the shipment, click here to start tracking.