Lights and Gifts

Payment Methods

Shopping on LightsandGifts is safe, convenient and fast. Payment methods are various to meet all of our customers’ demands.  So we accept a number of different payment methods set to be completely safe and friendly. Your privacy and online security is always guaranteed when you shop on LightsandGifts online store.

1. Paypal, the most secure and convenient payment method
If you always shop online, Paypal is not strange to you at all, here you can enjoy security payment method of Paypal like always. LightsandGifts uses primarily to process secure payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Bank Transfer (Debit Card) and etc…

NOTE: Your order will be shipped to the address you fill in PayPal. Please ensure that it is correct and complete.
Warm Tip: If in any case the Paypal is not working correctly, and you’re not able to compete the payment, please have no doubt and feel free to contact us for support.

2. Secure Credit/Debit Card PaymentTo make it easy, you can always pay via Credit/Debit Card on LightsandGifts store, Visa/Master Card and more supported.
Please be noted that, we may decline your payment if it’s considered as an unsafe one. So use the credit/debit card you usually use then you won’t have any issue.

3. Bitcoin PaymentBitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. As an up-to-date E-commerce platform, LightsandGifts gives you more options of convenient payment method like Bitcoin. The whole process could be done on our website, just choose this option and follow the process, your order will be received without any issue once you finish the payment process.

4. Zelle Payment (For U.S. users only)We have more payment method options for you, as long as you have a Bank Account in the U.S. , it’s easy to set up a Zelle account and you can transfer the money easily. Remember to leave the order # when you pay this way.
Please contact us for account info. if you would like to pay via Zelle.

5. Wire Transfer Payment (For wholesale orders)

If the total amount of your order is over $100, or ti’s a wholesale order, you can choose to pay via Wire Transfer. Please contact our customer service for the bank account details if you need to pay by this payment method.

If you have any other questions about our payment methods, please do not hesitate to contact us.