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  • -23% psyduck kfckfc duck

    Going Viral Dancing Duck Toy with Music Free Shipping


    This Psyduck KFC is suitable for many occasions, especially storefront to welcome your customers or anywhere you want to show a sign to coming-in visitors. The arms of the duck will wing up and down along with the music playing, at the same time, the body will shake with the music, looking really funny and cute.

    This dancing duck toy is a very suitable gift for all children! They will love it!

    Features of this Psyduck KFC:
    Materials: Plastic Mainly
    Shape Options:  Duck with arms and big mouth
    ★ Suitable For:  Storefront, and Gifts to all children
    ★ Music Function:  Yes, arms will wing and body will shake when music is playing
    ★ Base Color:  Green

  • -35%

    Waterproof Ear Wax Removal Tool Camera, Smart Visual Ear Cleaner, Wireless Ear Otoscope with 6 LED Lights


    Features of this LightsandGifts Ear Wax Removal Tool Camera:
    ★ 360°wide-angle professional grade lens With 6 Led lights and high quality 1080P
    ★  IP67 waterproof grade, easy to clean with water or wipe with alcohol
    ★  Suitable for adults, children, pets, check teeth, nasal cavity, throat, scalp roots, and other body parts.
    Support IOS, Android, Other Systems
    ★ Built-in 250mAH rechargeable battery, once a week, 10 mins per usage can lasts 30 days after a full charge
    ★ Great gift for your family or friends

  • -23% Dancing Cactus Toy

    Dancing Cactus Toy Repeat What You Say 120 Songs Singing Cactus Toy


    Features of this LightsandGifts Dancing Cactus Toy:
    ★ Dancing Cactus Toy uses non-toxic and harmless plush fabric, the fabric is soft and comfortable, and will not cause any harm.
    ★ (Recording & Repeating & Glowing & Talking & Wiggle & Mimicking & Sing & Dance)—- Dancing Cactus can Repeat What You Say, Dancing cactus light up singing.
    ★ For Battery version, Insert the battery and turn on the power,Press the red button,the cactus plush toy will swing and sing cheerful songs. Battery powered; requires 3pcs LR6 AA 1.5V Alkaline batteries batteries (not included).
    ★ For USB charging version, turn on the power,Press the red button,the cactus plush toy will swing and sing cheerful songs, USB cable included.
    ★ Singing Cactus toys are the best holiday and birthday gifts. Cheerful music and dancing are very suitable for creating a pleasant atmosphere and suitable for gatherings.
    ★ It will record and repeat what you have said. Of course, this sound is not your original sound, but by processing and repeating what you have said in a very funny tone.
    ★ Note: the singing voice is not clear; it keeps looping between one to five songs; the song time is shortened, etc. If you encounter these problems, please don’t worry! It may be caused by insufficient battery power. Please try a new battery!

  • -45% Huggy Wuggy Plush Toy

    40cm Poppy Playtime Hugy Wugys Plush Toy Monster Horror Christmas Stuffed Doll Gifts


    Features of this LightsandGifts Huggy Wuggy Plush Toy:
    ★ The high-quality Poppy Playtime Plush Toy made of high-quality PP cotton and short plush, super soft, cute, fluffy and smooth.
    ★ The triangular head and the realistic fangs are full of terror. These blue-haired monsters that suddenly appear can always make people shocked. Feel the happiness brought by in reality!
    ★ It has a Velcro on its hands, and the hands can be folded at will. The limbs are soft and you can take any pose you like. It will make you have unexpected fun.
    ★ Soft squishy toys Be able to better accompany children through their childhood, The plush is used as children’s toys, Christmas, birthday gifts, and party gifts.
    ★ Huggy Wuggy Plush use as a nap pillow/pillow/office lunch break pillow/plush toy to meet all your needs; home decoration, make your home full of love and warmth.
    ★The game plush with us for many years. Let’s leave a Scary Toy as a souvenir from a child to an adult.